Removable Solutions

Our removable prostheses are fabricated with high-quality materials and industry-standard technology, providing ideal fit, reliable function, and vital esthetics. Ensure patient satisfaction with a full or partial denture that will get your patient smiling again.


SK Choice Standard Denture

  • An affordable yet expertly crafted denture solution
  • Smooth finish
  • Limited shade and tooth molds selection
  • Ivocap® pressure injected denture

SK Choice Comfort Denture

  • High quality and natural looking denture teeth
  • Multiple shades and tooth molds selection
  • Accented finish for natural gum-like appearance
  • Ivocap® pressure injected denture

SK Choice Signature Denture

  • Optimum highest quality denture teeth with Nano Hybrid Composite
  • Multiple shades and tooth molds selection
  • Naturally festooned and stippled
  • Ivocap® pressure injected denture

Screw Retained Hybrid Denture

  • Fixed full arch restorative option
  • Excellent esthetics and highly functional
  • Attached to four or more dental implants

Flexible Partial

  • Uncompromised flexibility, strength and biocompatibility
  • Blends naturally with the tissue tone
  • Fully functional and esthetically superior

Metal Framework (SLM)

  • Fabricated using selective laser melting (SLM) 3D printing technology
  • Excellent precision and consistency
  • Includes framework, partial set-up, partial finish, and teeth

Zirlux Acetal Framework

  • Metal-free option made with an advanced thermoplastic
  • Blends seamlessly with mouth for improved comfort and esthetics
  • Low moisture absorption and excellent dimensional stability

VisiClear Partial

  • Metal-free option made with a semi-flexible, tooth colored copolymer
  • Semi-transparent and uniquely designed to disappear in the mouth
  • Offers a comfortable fit without compromising on durability

Other Dental Solutions