The digital, full-arch guided restoration

SK Dental Lab is a proud partner with CHROME GuidedSMILE. CHROME was developed for dentists who desire a preplanned, predictable guided All-On-X style surgery.

Most cases simply require a CT scan, casts or digital impressions, and 4 specific photographs.


First time CHROME user?

Our experienced team of technicians, customer service representatives and chairside experts are here to support you. We can meet online to have a dialogue about the wonderful benefits of CHROME and discuss how to get started with your first case.

This amazing service includes:


Get started with CHROME GuidedSMILE

Stage 1 - Patient Consultation

The first step to beginning a CHROME case is educating the patient on the need and benefit of the surgery. One of best tools is our PreVu smile simulation service. While the patient is in the chair, your team can quickly show the patient what the end result of surgical process will look like. This has proven to be a vital step in educating the patient of the power of CHROME GuidedSMILE.


Stage 2 - Gathering the right patients records

Beginning the process with the right patient records is the key to success of a CHROME case. The records all follow general dentistry protocols. We will help you with every case. Simply call to discuss your patient, or email photographs to and we’ll have a chat. Knowing the patient record requirements in advance often allows you to see the patient just once to launch CHROME.


Stage 3 - Laboratory Case Work-up

Once all the records are received, the SK Dental Lab team completes a full analysis, ensuring the case is ready to move forward with planning. During this phase, we will be in contact with any observations or issues impeding case planning. SK Dental Lab then completes a PreVu smile simulation, when required, a complete digital set-up, and the implant and bone reduction planning. During this phase you will receive an email or phone call to make arrangements to meet online for the live planning session.


Stage 4 - The Live, Online Planning Session

We host a web meeting to review the pre-planned prosthetic, implant positions, bone reduction, angulation of abutments, and more. This one-on-one session with one of our experienced CHROME technicians is intended to ensure that we are on the same page with your goals, and that CHROME can move forward with production. Once the meeting is complete, schedule the patient’s surgery date. SK Dental Lab requires just 10 laboratory days from this point. Please do not schedule surgery before the planning session day. Please allow a buffer of 2 or more days between receiving the case to surgery.


Stage 5 - Day of Surgery

A CHROME case is received by the office and inspected. The case arrives with ‘pre-surgical instructions’ to be reviewed. The office team ensures the correct implants, abutments and temporary cylinders have been ordered and received. Normal cold sterilization should be utilized on the day of surgery (heat sterilization should never be used). Please watch our videos and follow the instructions, and for your first case, invite one of our CHROME chairside specialists to attend the surgery for guidance. Our goal is to teach you and your staff to not need the lab for full arch conversion.


Stage 6 - Convert to Final

CHROME is a wonderful service that sets up simple stages to the final conversion. In fact, if time is taken during surgery to pick up the RAPID appliance, the final conversion can be completed in just two appointments in some cases. Using either the RAPID appliance, or our digital iJIG protocol, 2-3 appointments to achieve the final restoration are the simplest in the industry.


Testimonials from Doctors

“Chrome has taken my full arch treatment to a whole new level. Better implant placement means better bone and soft tissue to support the implant restoration. Simple and predictable. I will not do it any other way now!”

- Dr. Scott D. Ganz, PROSTHO, New Jersey

“I have been doing guided surgical implant placement for full arch denture conversion with immediate load for many, many years. I like ROE Dental’s Guided Smile as it really simplifies the implant placement and conversion process for my restorative dentist and myself. It has truly reduced the total time our patient is in our office and increased patient satisfaction.”

- Dr. Bart Silverman, OMFS

“We have worked with many different labs in efforts to find a full-service lab to meet our office needs. We have been working with a CHROME Lab now for a few months and have been extremely pleased with their customer service. They have worked really hard to get issues resolved quickly and always strive to deliver the best product for our patients. We appreciate that in our lab!”

- Dr. Tye Thompson

“CHROME has the best accuracy and site visualization of any guide system while also allowing a less invasive procedure.”

- Dr. Scott Hoyer, OMFS, Wisconsin